MTWC Awards presented at the 2019 AGM Weekend.


Opening Run Concours

2-Speeder Wembley TrophyGraham Slater1930 Super Aero
3–SpeederHarrow Trophy Dave Thomlinson1935 Family
F-Type Malvern TrophyLen Critchlow1936 F4
5-Speeder 3-Wheeler TrophyRichard Freeman2016 3W


Doris Budd Trophy

Awarded to the most enthusiastic lady memberMaggie Bridge


Helping Hand Award  

The member giving most assistance to other members during the year – Dave Pittuck


George Evans Trophy 

The member using his 2-speeder to the greatest effect on the road – Jim Edwards


Michelle Pearson Shield  

Awarded to a young Club member enthusiastically involved with Morgan Three Wheelers – Angus Frost.


Chairman’s Cup  

Awarded by the Chairman to the Club Officer he feels has carried out his duties efficiently and used his Morgan to great purpose – Steve Lister  


The Editor’s Awards

Technical article – Ian Brett 

General interest article – Brian Watts


Beatrice Willis Trophy 

The Lady member putting exceptional effort into the running of the Club – Val Hughes    


Esprit De Corps  The Leavens Award – presented in recognition of the generosity of spirit that typified John and Barbara Leavens’ membership of the MTWC – Mike and Marie Guess


Peggy Rowell Trophy

Presented to the Lady travelling the furthest to the AGM Dinner in a pre-1952 Morgan Three Wheeler – Maureen Lake


Wishbone Trophy

Presented to the person or couple travelling furthest to the AGM Dinner in a 5-Speeder – Roger and Liz Broomfield.


George Rowell Cup

Awarded to the person driving the furthest to the AGM in a pre-1952 Morgan Three Wheeler – jointly to Gary Caroline and Trevor Seymour


AGM Concours

Overall WinnerMercury TrophyGraham Slater 1930 Super Aero
Most travelled RACE TrophyGary Caroline1932 Super Sports
2-Speeder Wine & Honey Clive Peacock1931 Family
3-Speeder Wine & Honey Chris Dickson1935 Super Sports
F-TypeWine & HoneyJerry Rae1939 F-Super
5-SpeederWine & HoneyRoger Broomfield2012 3W


Group Enthusiast Awards

East MidlandsAndy Warren
Herts, Beds and BucksRichard Bowerman
Lancs and LakesRoger Harrison
Scotland & North-EastPaul Jowitt
North West Tim Green
South CoastDave Pittuck
South WestDoug Forbes
West MidlandsGraham Slater
YND Eric Eadon and Tony Pearson