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No fewer than thirteen Three Wheelers and their crews went to The Isle of Man in late August 2014, Two speeders, Three speeders, an F Type and a Five Speeder. The trip was sparked by Ian Parkinson and preparations started way back in 2013.

The cars travelled to The Isle of Man by ferry from Liverpool to Douglas on Thursday morning, 21st August. Four of the crews; Ian and Maria Parkinson, Pete and Ron Clements and Nick Gutteridge had travelled up from Somerset, Devon and Dorset, some 300 miles. Chuck Berry came from Nuneaton. Chuck had a slight accident in his three wheeler, picking up a large rag in his rear wheel which threw the chain off, locked the back wheel and sent him off the road! Not deterred, he went home and picked up his motorbike instead. The rest; Trevor, Rob, James and Joseph Gill, TD and Tom Green, Neil Blair, Ian Haynes, Roy Summerscales, Ian and Marion Naisby, Barrie Jones and Steve Uprichard straggled in from the North West. Most camped, the wimps stayed in hotels.

Friday was spent at the Paddock Carnival, our Morgans being displayed behind the grandstand. They attracted a lot of attention. Most of us watched practice and other activities from the grandstand.

Sunday saw us at The Festival of Jurby, a massive crowd saw the Clements, Parkinsons and Nick Gutteridge on track. The rest lounged around while the visitors admired our Morgans.

The North West contingent returned home on Tuesday, leaving the others behind to enjoy the rest of the week.

Between times, lots of activities including drinking, dining, travelling on the horse drawn trams, the steam railway and the Manx Electric Railway and a photo-shoot in Laxey. An excellent trip.

Photos and Videos

Photos from Ian Haynes, Rob Gill, Neil Blair, Steve Uprichard and Chuck Berry. Click on a photo below to see the Gallery. To see all Rob Gill’s photos, click here.

There’s also a YouTube video of James Gill catching and passing the Electric Tram between Laxey and Douglas – a “must see!” – click here.

Another YouTube video, this time from Chuck Berry. The Electric Tram from a Morgan and a lap of Jurby Circuit – click here.

If you want to see a fast TT lap on another type of three wheeler, click here – Brilliant!

And also… John Wilson wants to share video clips of the Clements, the Parkinsons, Chuck Berry and Nick Gutteridge at the A.R.E. Museum – click here.

 The Gallery

Morgans Go Manx - August 2014