Morgan 3 Wheeler – USA Low Flyers Reach for the Sky!

3 Wheels, 3 Days, 3 Runs: the Pikes Peak Summit Tour  Sept 3-6, 2023

M3W RECRUITS WANTED!  Don your goggles and join the M3W Low Flyers Squadron as we buzz North America’s highest mountain roads and climb to over 14,000 feet!  We have three days of spectacular winding runs and the highest altitude M3W expedition ever organized (as proven by an exhaustive 30 second Google search).  Bring your Morgan 3 Wheeler and don’t miss this trip!

Three days of magnificent runs!

  • Sunday, Sept 3 (Day 0) – Arrive in Colorado Springs, CO, mission briefing and dinner at a separate location
    • Host hotel – La Quinta Inn, Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods
  • Monday, Sept 4 (Day 1, Labor Day) – We will be ‘flying’ over the gorge at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
    • The bridge, built in 1929, is America’s highest suspension bridge, 956 feet above the Arkansas River
  • Tuesday, Sept 5 (Day 2) – Pikes Peak Summit Run
    • National Park starting gateway: 7,800 ft. Road end point: 14,115 ft.  Twenty miles to the top!
  • Wednesday, Sept 6 (Day 3) – Mount Evans Scenic Byway Run
    • We will be driving around the mountain, and possibly up the scenic byway if it is still open.

East, Midwest and South attendees enquire about the Oklahoma midpoint gathering and activities. 

Please contact; Squadron Leader Murphy Robert Murphy for further details, hotel reservation, and to reserve your squadron position: mobile 918-805-0403, FB Messenger, or [email protected]