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Mogmatch – More Success and an Opportunity

A couple of years ago at the Curborough Club Sprint 5-Speeder owner Dave Pitt mentioned to

Sam Savage and me that he would like to buy a Super Aero restoration project. Not an easy

challenge and it took a while but his request was recently fulfilled when Mogmatch found

Dave and his father Roger a genuine part restored 1930 M-Type Super Aero.

If you would like Mogmatch to look out for a Morgan for you please let us know your preferred

model and budget. Whilst Mogmatch is designed to help young people find their first

Morgan, our definition of young is quite flexible.

Meanwhile, we have available for sale a nice genuine 1950 F-Super at a significant discount off its current

market value. Please contact me for photos and further details.

[email protected]  or phone 01629 650933


The Morgan 2-Speeder restoration project advertised on page 27 of the October Bulletin is now owned by the enthusiastic young son of a Club member. Great news.