Prescott Bike Festival 2014

6th April 2014

Prescott Bike Festival 2014

Ted French uses his exhaust pipe as a stabiliser.

There was a small band of Members at this Charity Event, partly because of breakdowns and cars not ready so early in the season and partly because of the predictions of rain – rain – rain. In reality we had two showers and even glimpses of the sun and most of the runs were on a relatively dry track. 

What really mattered though was the spirit of the club and this was there in abundance. When our rejuvenated Bulletin editor, Nick arrived he said the purpose of the club is to have fun with cranky old three wheelers and this we did to everyone’s delight. The star was certainly Ted French who came with the Clements brothers but took a diversion to visit Didcot railway museum and then visit Tim Cameron who very kindly repaired the ignition system on the MX2 – this is the true spirit of the club. Meanwhile the Clements had been motoring at their usual “sedate pace” on the M5 and a con rod had broken on Ron’s JAP. Pete was delighted to tow the JAP to Michaelwood Services at a “sedate pace” with his Matchless engined car and then to Nick Taylor’s place where it was laid to rest (for a short while).  

The Baylis’s, Martyn, Chris and John brought the Super Aero which ran well and Bill Higginson’s Super Sports sounded really crisp. The Clements went up the hill together in Pete’s car and Pete Clews took Sue up in the F- Type. Chris Baylis with John in the passenger seat really enjoyed piloting the Super Aero and you would have thought he had won the lottery when he came back from his first run. A couple of 5 speeders joined in the fun too. Ted French stole the limelight when he lifted a wheel at Pardon and a host of people came to see him including Alan Ewing who took the photograph. Several people came for “passenger experiences” which was a ride up the hill in the F- Type and we had a welcome visit from Lars Frosell and his wife from Sweden.

It was a good day, we raised a bit of money for a worthwhile charity and we had fun. That’s what it’s all about.  

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