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A Few Words from Ian Parkinson

Once again club members put on a super display of Morgan Three Wheelers in support of this worthy cause. Enthusiastic members brought their vehicles from far and wide to take part. Those attending with Morgans were, Ian and Maria Parkinson, Colin Seaton, Gerald Lawford, Stan Howitt, Terry Priddy , Pete Clements, Ron Clements, Jonathan Stephens.

Once again the Blood Bikers put on a great event with lots to keep visitors interested. Of course the Run the Hill was the biggest attraction. All manner of exotic machinery was to be seen taking to the track from vintage bikes to superbikes and even a jet engine powered shopping trolley. Once again our Morgans proved to be a popular attraction and choice to run the hill. Pete and Ron Clements and Ian Parkinson offered their services in giving visitors The Experience of a Morgan ride. Ron’s passengers all seemed to be women for some reason, Pete was happy with anyone as long as he was on the track and Ian got a trio of Celebs with, The Mayor of Hereford, Amanda Mealing (of Holby City and Casualty) and Nick Sanders, the Motorcycle Round the World Adventurer who traversed the globe with Charley Boorman. All enjoyed their experience and went away with positive Morgan feelings.

The Blood Bikers Team deserve congratulations for putting on another relaxed yet well organised event and our thanks go to their organiser, Gordon Downie for inviting us to attend. We look forward to another great do next year.

Great Photos from Gerald Lawford, our Club Treasurer.

Prescott Bike Festival 17th April

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