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Anzani Publications

F12-002201 (42 downloads ) 1922 Brochure
Specifications for 4 & 8 valve air cooled engines.
F12-002301 (60 downloads )
Specifications for 4 & 8 valve air cooled engines.
F12-002401 (57 downloads )
Catalogue  Comprehensive description of Anzani range of engines (4 cyl & V-twins) plus photographs (poor quality) of Anzani factory.
F12-002701 (2 downloads )
CCW to M3 valve conversion Information sheet  (See also EAM 2)
F12-002801 (8 downloads )
Catalogue  Details of full range of motorcycle and cyclecar engines. Old photocopy – cover missing, quality of photographs poor.
Instruction Book & Spare Parts List
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Anzani Drawings

Anzani CCW engine  Scale general arrangement drawing.
F12-020001 (6 downloads )
Valve lifter stirrup – CCW engines  Full size drawing. (M.Webb, 1993)
F12-020001a (3 downloads )   Valve lifter stirrup – CCW engines  Dimensioned Drawing (P.Thompson Nov 2022)
Valve lifter mechanism – CCW engines  Approx full-size sketch. (J.Leavens)
F12-020003 (43 downloads )
Valve lifter mechanism – M3 engines  Dimensioned sketch with notes. (J.Leavens)
F12-020004 (6 downloads )
Crankpin and connecting rod rings  Dimensioned drawing with notes. (C.Coombes June 1994)
Crankpin for 1926 CCW Summit engine  Dimensioned drawing with notes. (J.Leavens, April 1984)
F12-020006 (29 downloads )
Cam profile & cam follower drawings for CCW & M3 engines  (see also Bulletin article Oct 1995)
Crankcase breather (non original)  Dimensioned sketch.
F12-020008 (11 downloads )
Anzani cylinder barrel – machine drawing  Metric dimensions. See F12-020014 for hole positioning.
F12-020009 (1 download )
Valve for CCW engines  Full scale dimensioned drawing.
F12-020010 (11 downloads )
CCW pushrod spring arrangement – 1925 to 1927 engines  Dimensioned sketch with notes
Piston for M3 engine  Full scale dimensioned drawing.
Exhaust-heated manifold  Dimensioned sketch with notes. (J.Leavens)
F12-020013 (38 downloads )
Water Heated Inlet Manifold – fully dimensioned drawing
(R. Haynes, February 2013)
F12-020014 (10 downloads )

Anzani cylinder barrel – machine drawing.  Imperial dimensions. (P.Thompson, June 2021)

F12-020015 (9 downloads )  

Anzani Engine Mounting Plates.  Dimensioned drawings for laser cutting plates + position of holes. (P.Thompson April 2022)

F12-020016 (3 downloads )  

Anzani Cylinder Head Gasket. Dimensioned drawing for manufacture of solid copper gasket (P.Thompson Nov 2022)

F12-020017 (6 downloads )  

CCW Pushrod Assy.  Pushrod assembly with dimensioned drawings of component parts. (P.Thompson Nov 2022)

Anzani Miscellaneous

F12-030001 (25 downloads )
CCW & M3 General Description & basic maintenance notes – valve timing etc.
Cam timing data for four cylinder, twin & single cylinder Anzani engines  (J.Leavens)
Anzani radial Aero engines  Extracts from Janes Aircraft of 1919 & 1923, basic specifications and
illustrations, plus article on the development of the Aero engine 1903 to 1919
F12-030004 (1 download )
Letter from British Anzani Co. Ltd  To Mr. Johnson, London EC3, dated 15/10/1930, ref; valve breakage in CCW engines and conversion to M3 spec, (see also EAP 27)
Anzani Valve Breakages  Report on problems with early cam profiles including data from various marks of Anzani twins. (J.Leavens)
F12-030006 (1 download )
British Anzani CCW Cam Modifications  Comparison of different Cam shapes and modifications required to fit later cams. 
Cam profile graph  with curves for two types of inlet & exhaust cams. (J.Leavens)
F12-030008 (1 download )
Cam profile graph  with curves for three types of inlet & exhaust cams. (P.Thompson)
F12-030009 (10 downloads )   Profile of Alexandre Anzani
Reprint from “Classic Life” including photograph of Alexandre Anzani.
F12-030010   The British Anzani Story, 1912-1939
by David Thirlby. Reprint from Veteran & Vintage magazine.
Testing Anzani Cylinders  Report on NDT testing using x-ray and ultrasonic techniques on original & reproduction Anzani cylinder barrels. (J.Leavens, Nov. 1996)
Spare Parts List  Printed by F.H.Douglass.
F13-030005 (23 downloads )
For Pistons & Piston rings.
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