The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin December 2011. This cover shows Andy Tallack’s Super Aero alongside a Frazer Nash at Ambersley Museum and Heritage Centre. To see the Events Page, Diary Dates and Contents  click here.  Club Members who have registered for the Club Web Site  can read this Bulletin in the Members Area.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin November 2011. This cover depicts the Grand Prix belonging to Stephen Clark- as found in the scrapyard in 1969.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin October 2011. This cover depicts Pete Thompson’s Aero at the Nutbourne Vineyard, the destination of the Oliver Brooke Memorial Run. Photo by Dennis Rushton Overseas Members who have not yet received their October copy can read a pdf copy here. Note this is for registered members only.
The Bulletin 2011

The Bulletin September 2011. The Le Puy Notre Dame event is always popular amongst The Morgan Three Wheeler fraternity. This years event had an unusual twist with a Night ” Event ” The cover shows Grahame Joseph taking part. 

The Bulletin 2011

The Bulletin August 2011.Nick Wood – a moving obituary by Chas Reynolds on p7. 



The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin July 2011. A piece of creative photography from Grahame Joseph – no trickery, no smoke, just mirrors. Why is there no reflection of either camera or cameraman …. Grahame says it took ages ! 
The Bulletin 2011

The Bulletin June 2011
The highlight in   May was The Vintage Revival at Montlhery   near Paris. The historic circuit saw over    two hundred vintage vehicles descend on it  for the 7th and 8th May. This photo by  Robert Joseph of the Morgan Racers on the  banking at well over 100 mph gives a taste    of the event. It was a stirring sight that  thrilled the spectators. The hero at the top of  the banking is Tim Gray passengered by the  intrepid Andy Seaton.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin May 2011The MTWC supported the first Prescott Bike Festival, organised by Severn Freewheelers a Charity run by volunteer bikers who transport essential medical supplies between hospitals. This spectacular photo by Dennis Rushton of Bill Tuer on the Prescott Track was taken from a usually prohibited part of the track. As the runs were not timed, Dennis was allowed access, the resulting photo captures the concentration and wheel lift- magnificent.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin April 2011This picture, by Nick Taylor at the Geneva Motor Show shows the new Morgan Three Wheeler. An all new design, yet with striking similarities to the original trike.The Morgan stand remained a focal point for many who were keen to see Morgan’s latest offering. The big S&S engine on the front really looks the part, it will be interesting to see how it performs on the road, once road testing begins. With advance orders of around 500 vehicles there is an obvious demand. Of course this was the April issue and there was an above the usual amount of content that could only be described as spoof. Would you admit to being taken in by any of the stories ?
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin March 2011Showing how varied are the interests of MTWC Members is this interesting cover. The South Coast Group visit to Fairbourne Carriages, shows Francis Wood’s 200-mile Aero along with the recently restored American Phaeton and the body of the Althorp State Chariot.                                        Photo by Howard Joseph.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin February 2011As we reach the tail end of what seems like a long winter, we see Dave Anscombe’s F4 somewhere in central England during the recent deep freeze. A Morgan Threewheeler on ice or packed snow is highly predictable, though to what extent is a matter of opinion.Photo, Dave Anscombe.
The Bulletin 2011 The Bulletin January 2011The sad death of Oliver Brooke was a great loss to the club. Oliver played an active role on the club committee, latterly in running Mogspares. Here we see a happy Oliver Brooke accompanied by passenger Oliver Pitts, a longstanding  friend from Oliver’s early days in the MTWC. This photograph was taken on one of Oliver’s well known Round Britain Tours.Photo by Dennis Plater.

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