The VSCC Autumn Sprint at Goodwood presented the perfect opportunity for Jim Edwards to collect his newly acquired 2 speeder Family Twin from Sam Savage.  

This story started last December when Chris Booth brought details of this car to a south coast meeting. It had been resurrected in the 1960’s from a scrapped vehicle which originally had an overhead valve Jap Aero engine. This engine had been replaced with a Brough KTS engine, which was later reunited with its chassis.Fortunately Sam Savage had the correct engine for this MTW and so was able to purchase the chassis and complete the car. Sam generously decided to sell it on to a young member – at cost. 

Jim would like to record how grateful he is to Sam as he thought a V-Twin would be out of his reach. Jim has been involved with the club for about a year. Pete Clews lent him his car to enter at Curborough and Jim has been attending events with Iain Stewart. Jim came to the AGM in September where he heard about Sam’s generous offer and now he owns a MTW he looks forward to participating in more club events.