We need your parts for exchange! see below: 

The Club Used Parts Exchange Register was set up primarily to create a central point of contact for the re-distribution of second hand spares amongst members. The UPER officer, David Browne, acquires parts by means of purchase or exchange to maintain a Club owned stockholding of spares. David holds records of parts required by members and tries to match them with lists of parts on offer from other members. There are regular advertisements appearing in the Club Bulletin with both parts on offer and wanted. Parts for exchange are also available at the Club Spares Fair in September.

The service is only available to Club members. See The Bulletin for more details.

How to join the scheme

Here’s a note from David:

“Please download, print and complete the Parts Exchange Form (click here), retain a copy and return. Listings should be restricted to original Morgan parts and of course any car or motorcycle ones that are common. Sufficient details should be given to clearly identify these and sketches with dimensions would help for unknown items.

For continuity of the exchange scheme, as many parts need to be put back in as are taken out, so please provide a reasonable balance between your Wanted and Exchange listings. You will maximise the chances of obtaining parts you want by making these listings as full as you can, as this will increase the overall parts availability.

It is quite understandable that members often wish to hold onto their spares but this will give you the opportunity to exchange ones that you don’t need, for those that would be of more use to you. This will improve your own parts holding and help others in the process. 

Your parts listings can be kept confidential and we’ll jointly discuss and agree appropriate exchanges as and when your wanted items turn up. These exchanges should then be sent to me and on receipt I’ll despatch yours. As always, we only conclude when you have received them and are satisfied with the exchange. 

If we disagree, we simply reverse the process, each at our own cost, which gives both of us the incentive to conclude in preference.”

For the latest list of parts available Click Here