Morgan Three Wheeler


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200 mile1924 – The 200 mile light car race at Brooklands.  The Morgan appears briefly from about 50 seconds.   Films & Photos

1932 Sports Family

A development of the ‘Sporting 4 Seater’ this model was released in 1931 and ran until 1937.  A combination of the Sports front end and the Family rear.  For 1931 the car was still a two speeder but from 1932 onward incorporated a gearbox, which meant that the gearstick moved inside the car.  From 1933 onward the car was fitted with interchangeable magna wheels plus doors.

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The car in the modern photo has been fitted with larger front brakes and extra rear lights but looks otherwise much as it did when it left the factory.

Cycle car GPThe Cyclecar grand prix at Brooklands.  Clive Lones and Mrs. Lones win the race.

Link to more about the great man > here

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1933-1937 Sports Family

 Now fitted with doors plus magna wheels.  The shape of the rear is modified to enable it to carry a spare.

F 4

1931 – A hillclimb at Watlington.

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Super Sports – 1935 – 1939

A Barrelback version of the Super Sports Morgan with water-cooled Matchless MX4 engine. First introduced in 1935 and designed to carry the detachable spare wheel. On the right, a 1936 model photographed in 2018.

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f 3

1929 – Maiden flight of the R101 from Cardington.

A Morgan drives past in the foreground.  Probably just one of the thousands of sightseers who came out to witness the spectacle that day

F 71961 – A nice Aero for sale at a Beaulieu auction. Do you recognise the driver?

The car has been on permanent display at Beaulieu motor museum for some years and has turned green.

F 5

1933 – A reliability trial near Stratford-on-Avon. This features a 2 Speeder Aero with “WP” registration. Who’s driving?


F 9          

1954 – Doctor in the House.

Kidnapping of a stuffed gorilla mascot results in a chase by some interesting vehicles, one of which is a Morgan.  This is the complete film and the chase appears between 1:04 and 1:07.  The number plate does flash by very briefly.  Can anyone make it out?

F 8

Race at Lydden Hill. Morgans driven by Bill Tuer, Gregg Bibby and Stuart Harper. Up against stiff competition. Nearly 8 minutes of action © Bob Keen.

f 122003 – Salvage Squad (TV rather than movie)

Something of a cautionary tale about what non-club “experts” regard as a full restoration.

F 11

1979 – The London Connection.

These are the Morgan clips from a film that was so dreadful that it never came out on DVD (hence the poor print quality).   The flower salesman deserves a medal for bravery though. 

F 13

1965 – Oulton Park.  The first VSCC Meeting to which we were invited.  For a full report of the event see our web page here.

F 14Kop Hill. A brisk ascent in the 2012 Morgan 3 Wheeler.