MCC Lands End Trial

March 30, 2018 – March 31, 2018 all-day
For Entries: Sheila Poupard

Organised by  the Motorcycling Club (MCC)

Not open to 5 speeders
Members of the MTWC are cordially invited to enter the MCC’s 96th Land’s End Trial which takes place on 30th/31st March 2018.  The main trial covers some 350 miles and features some severe sections.   Some years ago, a new class, Class O, was introduced.   This is aimed at less ‘competitive’ machinery and has much of the feel of trials in years gone by and would be very suitable for your member’s vehicles.   A new class (Class R) has been introduced designed to give a flavour of the event which has mainly tarmac section climbable in any machine but more time controls.  Details are on ‘The Motorcycling Club’s’ website and entries open 8th January.
Secretary Sheila Poupard,  [email protected]   or….
contact the Clerk of the Course Bill Rosten on MCC Lands End TrialMCC Lands End Trial07796 177580

 Offers to marshal will be welcome, please contact the Chief Marshal Verdun Webley on [email protected] 

MCC Lands End TrialHFS & Ruth on The Land's End Trial