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1: *Voluntary donation to cover PayPal transaction costs: (click for details) – £2.00
2: Member UK – £38.00:
3: Member Overseas – £48.00:
4: Electronic Bulletin only – £25.00 (You won’t receive a printed Bulletin):
5: Family Member – £5.00:
6: Junior Member – FREE. We just need to know how many there are:
7: Membership List (printed) – £5.00:
8: Membership List (email) – £2.00:

*We can’t make a charge to cover transaction costs any more. On average, renewals using PayPal cost the club £2.00. Over 350 members renew using PayPal. The cost is equivalent to 18 or more full membership subscriptions. We’ve added a Voluntary Donation option to the Subscription list and we’d be grateful for your support.

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