Each Year, Club Officers are asked to submit annual reports to the Annual General Meeting. The reports are available to all members on the website.

To read a report, all you need to do is click on the club logo next to the officer’s title and name. If there’s no logo, there’s no report yet.

click here Chairman Adrian Murray-Leslie
click here Competition Secretary Pete Clews
click here Librarian Pete Thompson
click here  Mogspares Coordinator Charles Smith
click here Regalia & Carr Morgan Custodian Ross Herbert
  Overseas Liaison Bruce Campbell
  Bulletin Editor Nick Taylor
click here Membership Secretary Eric Bayley
click here Website Manager Steve Uprichard
click here  Registrar Steve Lister
click here Treasurer John Scruton
  Governance Review  Tony Quinn
click here PR & Events  Ian Parkinson & Richard Atherton
click here Two Speeder Technical Adviser Chris Booth
  F-Type Technical Adviser  Colin Harris
  Three Speeder Technical Adviser Bob Angell
click here Club Secretary Chris Harfield
click here Child Protection Officer Lesley Reynolds
click here AGM Coordinator Richard Atherton