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The artist V-Twin, aka Grahame Joseph, packed this October South Coast Group meeting, with an audience of fifty, including a number of Brooklands Group members and the Club Chairman, Adrian Murray-Leslie. Adrian had travelled the furthest distance but the arrival of George and Stephanie Dobson, in their Morgan all the way from Dorking, was also very impressive. 

The talk was preceded by a rolling slideshow of V-Twin cartoons from the last 23 Years, including a selection of over 130 Morgan Three-wheeler Cartoons that have been published. 

V-Twin’s fascinating talk outlined the complexity of producing an effective cartoon, from the stories which provided the initial stimulus to the final edited version, illustrated by reference not only to published cartoons, but also to many new and old, unpublished works seen for the first time. The technical and artistic effort involved in producing each cartoon was staggering and many are keen to accept V-Twin’s offer of a live demonstration at a future meeting.