Can You Help?

A message from Dave Anscombe.


“To move management of the club photographic library and make it more accessible to members, three of us have been attempting to catalogue the 600+ colour slides that were bequeathed to the club by John Leavens.

I managed to photograph the slides to obtain images that allow easier viewing and Roger Harrison and Steve Lister have compiled a spreadsheet with as much information as possible about who, what, when and where.

Amongst them were a number showing what appears to be the recovery from a shed of a very neglected Aero.  Unfortunately, there is no registration number visible but it would be interesting to know whether anyone recognises this episode from the 1970s or perhaps the Ford Escort tow car RRO 895 J.  It would be particularly nice if we can identify the two charming children in the car and whether they have maintained their enthusiasm for Morgan three wheelers.”

If you are able to recognise any people or car in the pictures please could you let us at the website or Dave Anscombe himself know.

It would be much appreciated.


IMG 5777 (1) IMG 5797 IMG 5782 IMG 5787
IMG 5783 IMG 5780 IMG 5781 IMG 5784