Brookland Museum’s Morgan Day on 2nd October 2016 attracted a large number of three and four wheeler Morgans.

2A Brooklands Loomes Morgan & George Dobson parking Photo: Andy Butler

Foreground – Jerry in Brooklands Lones Morgan Impressive Parking – George and Stephanie Dobson   Photo: Andy Butler

The main photo is of two red Mogs returning from successful demonstration runs up the Brooklands Test Hill.  George and Stephie Dobson are correctly and carefully reverse parking in between four-wheelers, while Jerry Larke? in the (slightly blurred) Lones Morgan nips back to its normal parking spot within the Brooklands Museum. 

Nick and his son travelled from near Bury St Edmunds in his 5-speeder to the Brooklands Morgan Day.  This was all the more impressive because after arrival (with a new rattle) it was discovered all three mounting bobbins for the voltage regulator had sheared.  We hope the tie-wrap fix lasted the return trip, and it’s good to know 5, 3 and 2 speeders obviously have a lot in common and all need a similar sort of tool kit.  I wonder if the voltage regulator mounting failure was exacerbated by increased air turbulence generated by the Morgan Three Wheeler Club badge?