Location: Great Malvern and Malvern Link, Worcestershire: 18th – 20th September 


Social gathering at The Abbey Hotel, Great Malvern. For guests this included a buffet supper.


A great Spares Fair and Photo Shoot at the factory. The Spares Fair was packed with traders and buyers. A busy morning all round and a place to sit, relax and have a cuppa too. Mogspares sales topped well over £9,000.00.

There was a photo shoot outside the factory to reproduce the look and feel of that first meeting. No fewer than 7 of the 14 surviving Morgans from that meeting lined up outside the factory. Photos from Steve Uprichard and Richard Atherton.

In the evening we had a crowded Elgar Suite for the AGM Dinner. Decent food, great company and singing waiters. The last of the party goers got to bed around 2:00am.


Early morning. Some drowsy revellers were woken by the sound of V-Twins as members arrived for the AGM.

10:30am: Annual General Meeting at The Abbey Hotel. A good constructive meeting but a couple of offices were left vacant. Volunteers please!

Later at The Swan Inn,

Lots of Morganists went from the AGM to The Swan Inn, Newland. Why? Well, 70 years ago, our forefathers decamped there after the very first ‘General Meeting’. We thought it would be a good idea to raise a glass to them with a toast.

Lars Doren’s Morgan was at the inaugural meeting and he brought it all the way from Sweden to help recreate the line up outside the factory. Here’s his car outside The Swan in 1945…. Click on the photo to see it now.

AGM Weekend 2015