85 Years The Difference 85 Years The Difference
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85 years ago, Jim “Halfdime” Nichol’s 1928 Aero left the Morgan Factory. May 2013 the Aero left Jim for a new home. But the link isn’t broken; Jim ordered a new 5 speeder and specified the same body colour – mid-green. Some things never change.

The photo on the left is of Jim’s 1928 car, posing alongside another Anzani engined projectile; the world’s second oldest flying machine, now based at The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in the USA. On the right is Jim’s new Morgan pictured alongside a Fokker DR 1.

Jim reports: “5 speeder, tougher to get in and out of, once in it is much better, though latching the seatbelt is a bit of a match! Since I took delivery (20 September) I’ve put about 740 miles on it, all with smiles!”

85 years the difference – but nothing changes!