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Below are a selection of guides, publications and links for your help and guidance. 

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These articles are fast developing into a comprehensive workshop library, covering the many technical questions, upgrades and repairs needed to keep M3Ws up and running.

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  Individual guides and instructions  
The 5-Speeder Fuel Pump Replacement (Ian Brett and Andrew Warren) April 2020
The 5-Speeder  Engine Removal Procedure (Phil Bleazey) January 2018
The 5-Speeder Steering Wheel Quick Release Problems.
(Link to YouTube video – click here)
October 2019
The 5-Speeder   Rear Hub and Sprocket Replacement (Calum Fraser) 2015
The 5-Speeder  X-Wedge Pinion Pulley Replacement (Andrew Warren) May 2018
The 5-Speeder  Instructions on how to fit Cooling Fan January 2018
The 5-Speeder  Cam Belt Change (Paul Rand) September 2018
The 5-Speeder M3W Buyers guide ( Andrew Warren ) July 2020
An article from Classics Monthly by Simon Goldsworthy
May 2020
The 5-Speeder Three Wheeler Parts Book (Morgan Motor Company) April 2018
The 5-Speeder  Alternative Parts List (Ian Brett) December 2020
The 5-Speeder

 Caparo Classic Brake Parts List (abridged to include Morgan 3 and 4 wheelers only)

The 5-Speeder  S & S X-Wedge Engine (S & S Cycle inc.) January 2018
The 5-Speeder S & S Owners Manual (S & S Cycle inc.) April 2008
The 5-Speeder S & S Emission Related Installation Instructions (S & S Cycle inc.) July 2008
The 5-Speeder  S & S Protune II User Manual (S & S Cycle inc.)  2010
  5-Speeder – Links  
The 5-Speeder YouTube channel for 5-Speeders, from Phil Bleazey April 2020
The 5-Speeder Talk Morgan       Morgan Three Wheeler forum  
The 5-Speeder SpeedyMarmots M3W Blog  (Javier Molina)