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Front Slider Bushes article + amendments



Dave Anscombe would like to alert members to some issues with the links in his articles ‘Front Slider Bushes’ and ‘Inspection lamp‘ in February’s  Bulletin (p.14/15 and p.24), together with a price change – see below:



Slider Bushes: Unfortunately, the link in my February Bulletin article to the bearing catalogue for the slider bushes no longer works.  This is now to be found at  or search on Google for “GGB DU and DX” and the first item found should be the catalogue.


The link to the online stockist still works but the price has gone up from £1.88 to £1.97 since I wrote the piece.

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Inspection Lamp Plugs: The web link in my note on plugs for inspection lamp sockets also seems to have become garbled.  It is not necessary to pay £45 for a complete inspection lamp to obtain a plug.  These are available separately for £8.99 on eBay at or search eBay for “Land Rover inspection plug”.


I apologise for any confusion.  Dave Anscombe