Club AGM – Sunday 27th September 2020

gavel imageREGULARLY UPDATED WITH MORE REPORTS. The Morgan Three-Wheeler Club Ltd 75th Annual General Meeting held by video conference on Sunday 27th September 2020 at 10am

This year’s AGM is, for reasons we hardly need to explain, like no other in the history of the Club. One upside of all this is that members all over the world can participate and that is a BIG upside. Another upside is that there is less likelihood of attending the meeting sleep deprived and hung over . . . .

Charles Smith, our Chairman and the Club Committee invite and encourage you to join in. Not all of you will have participated in a video conference but fear not, its easier than learning how to use a hand throttle! Here are the instructions from Charles as they appeared in the September Bulletin:

Registering for the AGM

You will need to register for the video conference meeting in advance by emailing the Club Secretary Andy Messent [email protected] by the 20th September. You will then be sent an email with a link to the meeting. If you are new to this technique and want to try it in advance, please email Andy. You can also listen via a traditional telephone number, but you will not be able to vote, again contact Andy for details.

Voting at the AGM

Voting will make use of the Zoom polling function, so there will be one vote per Zoom video conference login. Members can also make use of the Proxy form included with this Bulletin.

Questions during the AGM meeting

During the meeting all attendees by default will be on mute. Members can submit questions during the meeting by typing them into the Zoom chat function. The meeting secretary will then direct these to the appropriate person for answering.

You can also submit questions in advance of the meeting by sending them to the club Secretary in advance of the meeting.

Here, also, are the links to the paperwork, but bear in mind some Officers are better at doing the practical side of the job than they are at writing reports, so some will get added and will become the subject of a new Post:


Proxy voting form

Minutes from 2019 AGM

Club Officers’ Elections Spreadsheet

Committee Elections Spreadsheet

Chairman’s Report

Secretary’s Report 

Treasurer’s Report

Membership Secretary’s Report

Mogspares Report

Website Team Report – well we could hardly be putting up this post if we hadn’t written a report!!

Registrar’s Report

Librarian’s Report

Sporting Section Report

Regalia Sales Report

2 Speeder Technical Adviser’s Report 

3 Speeder Technical Adviser’s Report

Any Other Business

Touring Group Pre-Proposal
Touring Group Proposal
Touring Group Guidelines