Madresfield, Event Cancellation

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I am very sorry to have to inform you that, with much regret, it has been decided to postpone the planned Madresfield event and reschedule it for next year.


This is due to continuing uncertainty about whether many aspects of the event will be permissible while the current pandemic is still active.


At present, the ACU and Motorsport UK will not allow events with spectators or passengers in competing vehicles who are not cohabitees and there is no indication that this situation will change before the planned date.  In addition, we are not even sure that the venue would be available to us and so it has been decided to avoid potentially wasted time and effort attempting to continue organising an event which may not be permitted (or possibly not sufficiently safe) to take place.


I am sure at least some of you will share my disappointment that one of the only Morgan events which might have taken place this year has now been deferred.  Let us hope that next year brings more freedom for us to enjoy our motoring in a sociable way.


   Dave Anscombe