Time for a run out in Herefordshire?

Compass1)   Herefordshire Compass Ride 5th July to 30th August

 From Dave Anscombe

Geoff McGladdery of the VMCC has been in touch and provided me with details of an opportunity to enjoy a drive in your Morgan in a suitably socially distanced way.


‘Yesterday should have marked the 5th running of Herefordshire on the Edge and it was disappointing to have to cancel it, but all is not lost. Three of our section members, Mike Bertenshaw, Roger Bibbings and Chris Lawton-Smith, all HOTE regulars, have developed an exciting new ride to fill the hole – The Herefordshire Compass Ride.

All the details you need to enter the event are attached and hopefully will need no further explanation. You can ride the event on any day between July 5th and August 30th . I hope you will choose to enter and I look forward to hearing of your exploits.

Kind regards

Geoff McGladdery – Chairman, Herefordshire & Mid-Wales VMCC’

The appropriate documents are attached.        Waypoints issue 1    Regulations (005)


Please let me know if you are planning to complete this challenge and, if so, when.

Dave Anscombe:      [email protected]


Don’t forget that Herefordshire on the Edge 2021 is planned for Sunday June 27th 2021