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Cover July 2020

Still in the grip of the unseen foe, so no articles on events yet, but plenty else to  tickle your curiosity . . . .

Lovely to have an article from new members Javier and Ana Marie in Madrid (two members in Spain now – well three really!). Just the thing if you want to drill holes in your brand new 5 Speeder!!! Whilst on 5 Speeders, Paul Handley has a simple mod for pedal comfort. If you want pedal discomfort, read John & Jackie Scruton’s solution to lack of Competition action.

We’ve had quite a few specials featuring of late and Muriel’s metamorphosis to Dtzuriel has, at the very least a heart warming tribute to German generosity in rescuing the writer from unwanted single cylinder vibro-massage. The Factory too has always produced specials and Mike Sythes has an interesting addition to the drop chassis Aero story.
Enough of my rambling – time for you to see the real thing, so,

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