Hooray, your June Bulletin is now online!

June 2020 coverSadly, none of the reports and photos of events that would grace a normal June Bulletin but loads of interest of a more practical and historical nature. Sadly too, an obituary for Andy Perry-Keene a Midlands legend, but many happy memories live on in the memories of those who knew him.

There are several rebuild sagas to revive flagging ambition and “how to” tips to make it easier. Useful that Mogspares have better kits of shims to get your pre-war twin correctly aligned – see Steve Hughes report. Those of us up here in the YND will have added incentive to soak up Jake Alderson’s account of the Ringinglow Road speed trials and those who have an eye for detail will appreciate Stephen Clarke’s forensic accountancy as he lists the cars produced and the cars surviving.Those with a lust for esoteric mystery will enjoy super-sleuth Steve Lister’s unravelling of the drop chassis Aero plot (or your eyes may glaze over whilst you move on to the next page. Mine didn’t). Anyway, I must stop blathering on and let you read it all for yourself . . . .

But before you do, there’s a correction required: 

The item titled “Memories of Andy Perry-Keene” on page 3 was wrongly attributed to Dave Anscombe. It was actually written by our Librarian, Pete Thompson and we apologise for the error.

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Wherever you are on the planet I hope you’re not going too crazy and that we can all get out soon and do our normal Morgan things. It does make me realise just how important the social side of the Club is when I can’t meet up with friends.