COVID-19 and the Competition Scene

COVID-19 and the Competition Scene

As everyone knows, the competition scene is closed for the time being. We’ve received news from our Competition Secretary, Tony Pearson of the latest information from the ACU. Although there may be a limited return to motor sport, no spectators will be allowed at circuits or venues for the foreseeable future. Remember too that our club sprint scheduled for June at Curborough has been cancelled:

From The ACU:

The ACU Board of Directors have been working in close collaboration to provide a co-ordinated response to the current coronavirus crisis.

In order to deal with the short, medium- and long-term implications of this crisis, we have produced this operational plan to provide an overview of how we intend to manage the process at each stage. This is split into three distinct phases; Response, Resumption and Recovery .
The ambition has to be to get the sport back on track at the earliest opportunity. Our main objective would be to start the new calendar year on 1 January 2021 as normal.

• Suspension of all permit events until Government’s Step Three. Step Three is due to begin from 4th July but this is under constant review.
Measures to facilitate resumption. A number of measures are under consideration that will help to facilitate the resumption of training, practice and competition activity, dependent upon any future social distancing restrictions and potential limitations on public gatherings. These measures will enable the ACU and affiliated clubs/venues to control and regulate competition environments within set capacity limits, if necessary.
• Limits to the number of competitors on site at any one time. Exact numbers would depend on government advice and other restrictions that remain in place.

• To allow adequate provision for social distancing between competitors.

• Strict limits at events on the number of people per bike allowed to attend on a 2:1 ratio;(one extra parent, guardian or career will be allowed to attend to support U16 rider)

• No spectators to be allowed to attend competitions to control capacity, including friends or family, unless they qualify as the one person permitted in addition to the rider.

• Changes in processes to ensure that all competitors, officials and operational personnel remain the required social distance apart through all phases of competition. (Note, this in particular legislates against three wheeler racing for the time being)

• Utilisation of technology where required to minimise unnecessary physical interaction with officials on the day.

• All government and public health COVID-19 restrictions to be clearly displayed on site.

• Site maps, including a layout of the venue, arenas, warm up areas, parking and toilets will be made available to competitors in advance and on-site.

• All on-site facilities to be managed within social distancing parameters and fully compliant with all public health, safety and hygiene regulations, including provision of hand sanitation.

• Parking and toilets would need to meet minimum regulatory spacing conditions.

• No overnight camping in the short to medium term, to comply with likely restrictions.

• Larger spectator shows or events would not be scheduled in the short to medium term until the government indicates it is safe for these to return.