May 2020 cover

Well, we are living in crazy times if the behaviour of some of our politicians is anything to go by (excepting Jacinda Ardern of course), something that provides balance and perspective for those moments of self doubt when we might think we Morgan owners ourselves were actually crazy. Still, enough of these reflections. On to the excellent content to be had in the May Bulletin!

Something to set the cogs whirring for both 2 and 3 speeder owners and useful stuff again from Ian Brett, this time on oil temperature/pressure gauges for 5 speeders (on the basis that you won’t know how much you’ll miss what you had until the oil has disappeared). Jake Alderson has ridden to the Editor’s rescue with another edition of the E.B.Ware family story plus an account of the Cyclecar and Light Car reliability Trial of 1913. If you consider your car reliable enough for extended trips, then Peter Gellert has told the story of his “you could eat your dinner off these” low level panniers. Eric Eadon continues his handling/steering reflections. So, lots to dream about or construct during lockdown (If that’s where you’re at).

Best wishes from all of us to all of you around the world, hoping that you’ve managed to keep safe and well.