Your Bulletin Needs You!

April 2020 cover 2

Not sure what to do now we are confined to barracks – your bulletin needs you.

                                                       Time to get creative!

From your Editor,  Julian Vincent:

It’s clear that the Bulletin is going to be rather thin over the next few months. No sporting events or photos, no Group reports (or there shouldn’t be any if we are properly quarantining ourselves). Perhaps more activity in the workshop that will give greater excuse for a spot of vigorous washing of hands. After which, of course, you will wish to be entertained by the contents of The Bulletin . . . . which is, of course, written by YOU!

But being a positivist, I suggest that it’s ice-pack-on-head time. COOL thinking needed.

I’m just finishing editing a buyer’s guide to the 5-speed Morgan 3-wheeler. How about a similar guide for someone buying a 2- or 3-year old Morgan in 1925? or 1934? It’s still within the time limit for the buyer being the beta-tester for MMC, finding out what was liable to fall off or wear out on a new vintage Morgan. How reliable were they before the days of Mogspares? I once analysed cost of motoring cyclecars in 1912-13 and found that tyres contributed 50%!

Has anyone catalogued the different engines bolted on to the front of a Morgan? What mods and engineering skills were needed? What was their performance? Why do it anyway?? The list obviously starts off with the Pobjoy, but it can include Ariel, JAPs of various sizes, all the ‘standard’ Anzani, Matchless, Blackburne, etc. plus Scott, Citroen? Jowett? What’s available to bolt on these days?

Model makers might like to contribute plans and instructions, starting with Stan’s Meccano creations. Perhaps also a round-up and review of various commercial models available, such as the plastic one that Nev Lear found a few years ago. Cardboard cut outs even. A paper sculpture of a 3-wheeler, correct in every small detail. There’s a whole industry here.

And of course there’s a wealth of material in your snapshot album.

I know we have a wide variety of skills in the Club. It’s time to mobilise more of them.

Email Julian with you contributions on: [email protected]