Your April Bulletin is already online!!! Just the news you needed!

April 2020 coverOur amazing reliable-as-a-Blackburne Editor, Julian, coupled with our ever helpful and reliable printers have conspired to bring you a little early joy.

In this issue you will find the final installment of the Pobjoy Story (it’s for sale so there may be more to come one day) also the final part of Doug Forbes Honda based special story and more mundanely, Ian Brett on 5 Speeder fuel tank frailties. You can dip into the esoteric with John Rowland’s oil article (contact him for the unexpurgated version – its really interesting – I think . . .) Eric Eadon on handling and his elegantly simple rear damper arrangement. Again, a bit more esoteric from Steve Hughes on worms and wheels.

Finally, a sobering announcement on an added flyer(not online) announces that the EGM planned for 5th April and the Opening Run are cancelled, the AGM weekend on hold and a note of caution on other meetings that, in the UK has already been overtaken by events.

Anyway, amidst the worldwide woes, catch up on maintenance and blow the cobwebs out if you are allowed to subject to social distancing – who would want to get that close to such disreputable, oily misfits as we are?