Now for some good news


Holly and subsequently Scott Davies borrowed Andrew Morison’s 1934 Super Sports JAP through the Classic Car Loan Scheme over the last two years. Mabel presented a few minor trials and tribulations but more often provided great fun and became an integral part of the Davies/Cornish Family.

Last weekend, Lancs & Lakes Group member Steve Finch with Ian Hughes’ assistance collected Mabel as Steve is to borrow the S/S for the next 12 months.

I can do no better than quote Scott’s words to describe the positive effects of Morgans and the Classic Car Loan Scheme

Mabel unfortunately left us yesterday on the back of a trailer, leaving a big hole in our garage and newly formed classic car shaped hearts. Whilst we are a little sad of her departure, we also so grateful that we got this opportunity. Words cannot describe the totally surreal and privileged position of borrowing her for not one but two years. Thanks to all for making this happen!

As a parting gift, Scott has produced this wonderful and highly professional final video in the Living with Mabel series:

Check out the smiles throughout and the delightful final frames as James and grandson Finlay wave goodbye.


More good news. You will have read elsewhere that John Snell has put his 1933 MX4 Sports into the Loan Scheme for 2020. She is on her way to Richard Anafi, also a Lancs and Lakes Group member. I’m sure Richard and Amy will provide us with updates on their adventures with John’s car.


Best wishes,

                Steve Lister.