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March 2020 cover

Lent has begun. I am a guilty man. Sackcloth and ashes. I have not booked into the Opening Run yet. I will do so today. If you are planning to go, it is time, as we say in the trade, for “amendment of life”. If you turn up at the pearly gates without booking, St Angus, St Charles or one of their angels may well turn you away! (It’s all to do with the catering and they can’t turn five loaves and two small fishes into loads of ploughmans lunches) Click here for details.

OK, nuff said, your March Bulletin is now online! (Click here to read it).

This month the Pobjoy story continues (there’s more to come next month) and there’s a fair bit of 5 Speeder stuff including Austin Smith on getting involved in competition and Ian Brett on leaky bevel box oil seals (they sound more and more like a proper Morgan). An interesting bit of technical on oils by our very own guru, John Rowland (He doesn’t mention it but he designed Silkolene Castorene) plus Eric Eadon’s saga about taming the handling of his Super Sports. And of course, that’s far from all there is. Please take note also that we are losing a superb Membership Secretary when Maria stands down at the AGM – See Talk Tube.

Spring and Autumn at either end of the globe. Both good for Morgan driving, so get out there.

Best wishes from all of us

The Rev (yes, really) Adrian Murray-Leslie

MTWC Website Team