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December 2019 cover

This month’s mag has a really useful events planner to enable you to get 2020 organised well in advance so no excuses now! One of those events is the Opening Run so check it out and plan it in. Non UK members are excused, but naturally most welcome if they can make it.
Other articles include Ian Brett on 5 speeder speedo errors and corrections, another tells the story of a rotary valve 60deg twin from JAP that might have been and in yet another, Barry Davidson concludes his story of two delectable Super Aeros. Much more besides, of course.

Our Membership Secretary is getting tough this year (not before time). If you haven’t renewed by 11th December you won’t get a paper January Bulletin and if you haven’t renewed by 20th December your login will be disabled so you can’t get into the Members Area to see the electronic version. Please note, she isn’t just being officious or nasty. Late renewers cause her and us at the Website a load of trouble that we, as volunteers, doing things for YOU don’t need. So, please?

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