TalkMorgan Forum Now Cleared of Hackers

Many of our club members use the TalkMorgan Forum.

The TalkMorgan forum is widely used for sharing help and advice for all generations of 3 and 4 wheeler Morgans together with more general discussion in sub forums such as the “Malvern Arms” – a virtual pub.

There are about 6,000 registered users worldwide and most of the sub-forums are also free to view for non-members. 

The Three Wheeler sub-forum is widely used to report on maintenance and modifications and to co-ordinate meetings and events. For example, the recent Goggles and Gauntlets event originated as a TalkMorgan get together 5 years ago and has now grown and been adopted as a MTWC annual event.

MMC also use this forum as one of the methods of communicating with owners and the recent notice of safety inspections for 5 speeders was posted on the TalkMorgan site.

There has been a link from our website to Talkmorgan for a long time now. If you click here you’ll see a lot of other useful links too.

The Talkmorgan Forum was recently hacked and the administrators removed access temporarily. We’re glad to say that the forum is now back up and running.