FBHVC survey shows Historic Vehicles alive and kicking!

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs announce results of 2019 Cost of Ownership Survey

• Number of historic vehicles on DVLA database has increased to 1,241,863.
• 9.8m people in the UK are interested in historic vehicles.
• Average distance covered by an historic vehicle is 2,214 miles per annum.
• 21m people see historic vehicles as an important element of the UKs heritage.
• 11.3m people think historic vehicles should be exempt from restrictions of low and ultra-low emissions imposed on other vehicles.
• 5.1m people are interested in owning an historic vehicle.
• 60% of owners say owning an historic vehicle is one of the most important things in their life.
• An owner spends an average of £1,489 per historic vehicle per annum.

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