The youngest Club member?? – An Update

Congratulations to Joe and Chloe Kirk (nee Pilbeam) on the birth of their first child Arthur who will, on reaching manhood, become instantly famous for being able to pull centrepins out of large stones and Morgan chassis where all had failed before.

Chloe on being reminded that she hadn’t paid her subs made the lame excuse that she had been preoccupied but said she would deal with it and include Arthur on the form – hence the title to this post.

Congratulations also to Chas Pilbeam and Ros on becoming grandparents.

Oh, and can anyone say whether Arthur may legally travel in the rear seat of Tinkabel (their F4) when he would otherwise have to have a child seat in a modern car?

We’ve had a response from long-time F4 owner Graham Chivrall:

“Regarding request for carrying Arthur Kirk in the back of an F4 it really is not a good idea whatever the law says. All that separates the child from the rear chain on the right is a piece of plywood and a cushion. There is no legroom and the child’s feet will get covered in oil. If you go fast enough the rear seats [and child] will take to the air and fly off, unless you tie them down. I lost a rear seat cushion, and a gallon of oil, when they flew away a few years ago. It took ages to find the seat cushion (original ) in a field at the roadside. The oil slick helped.”.

And another message from Dave Anscombe:

“Unfortunately, he will have to wait until he is three years old before he is allowed to experience that pleasure (unless it is on private land).  Then he can travel in the back seat only.”