MTWC AGM and Rally Weekend 2019


27th-29th September 2019MTWC AGM and Rally Weekend 2019

The AGM is going ‘on the road’ in 2019.  Though not to the Scottish Highlands! 

But instead to Royal Leamington Spa, before returning to The Abbey in 2020 in time for the 75th anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the MTWC.

The 2019 venue is Woodland Grange, 2.3 miles from the centre of Leamington Spa.  Woodland Grange has played host to various car club events, including Frazer Nash, Talbot and Austin Healey. 

The dates are 27th-29th September 2019. 

(The date might clash with another in the Sporting Calendar, but I’m afraid we were stymied by the availability of suitable venues)

The costs are competitive with those that Members have enjoyed at The Abbey.  The plan for the weekend is taking shape and will offer all the usual features with one or two additional twists.

Friday evening:  Informal, unless we can think of something!

Saturday Morning.  The Spares Fair as usual.

Late morning to Lunchtime.  Scenic runs (long/faster and not so long/slower to appeal to 5 speeders/3 speeders/2 speeders of all vintages) and with suggested pit stops en route

Afternoon:  The Rally in the grounds of Woodland Grange.  Display of all the Morgan 3Ws attending and the Concours judging.  Other activities being considered include wine tasting, apiculture, jelly juggling and cat herding…  Well, the first two anyway…

Booking: You can download a booking form if you click here. Print it, fill it in and post it.

Where is it? Here’s a map: