Two Darmonts discovered in France – More information!

Mike Miller in Briare has come across a private collection of cars including two Darmonts.  We understand that the elderly owner inherited the collection from his father and although he has done nothing with them since then they are thankfully kept in dry storage.  Mike will keep his ear to the ground in case they should come up for sale.  In the meantime some pictures are attached for your interest.

If anyone knows anything of the history of these cars then please email the website and we will update this news item.  The racer looks like it should have some recorded history but it would be from some years ago.

We’ve had some great information from Freddie Frot about the yellow single cylinder car:

The yellow one is a works Darmont Special racer. With a narrow body, a unique supercharged 500cc single cylinder of the Darmont twin fitted on standard models (itself a copy of the Blackburne engine). The car was made for sprints and hill climbs and was driven by  Marcel Dhome, a talented racing driver aften employed by the Darmont brothers.   

The car languished in the works sheds in Courbevoie, a suburb of Paris after a very short racing career until it was rescued in the sixties when the factory was demolished.  The rescuer was Roger Brioult, a motor engineer and vintage car enthusiast who restored the car but never used it, claiming that it was very noisy and difficult to drive. Brioult’s collection was finally auctioned in 2011 and this car was purchased by a famous family of vintagists and resides now in their collection.

And now, an update from Freddie about the red car:

The red car is a Morgan type SG ( SportinG) of 1923 vintage or later. Darmont is still calling his cars Morgan, painted on the coal scuttle and only the dash plate mentions “made under licence by Darmont”. In the beginning, Darmont was fitting MAG engines as standard but in 1923 he started fitting his own engines which where a very close copy of the JAP side valve water cooled engine. Apart from the fact that the components are not interchangeable, the Darmont crankcases can easily be identified by the embossed “The Morgan Runabout” in the front crankcase casting. Darmont was still buying certain main components from Malvern, mainly complete chassis with front and rear suspensions.

Thank you Freddie for sharing your knowledge!