Coventry Motofest – Please Register if Interested

Malcolm Bull has sent a request as below.  It is mainly targeted at the East Midlands group members but those from further afield may also wish to attend.

I have heard back from Coventry Motofest which will be held on 2/3 June this year.  I had been approached to see if the MTWC wanted a stand, and replied positively on your behalf.  Their website is here

I did say it may be nice if we could be sited with the MVPS as we have a lot of local common members, so it would be nice to be with them.  Today they came back to me, wanting to put is in Bull Yard, with the motorcycles, and even suggest we may like to take part in a ride in, with other motorcycles, from Coombe Abbey Hotel .

What is your interest as so far only one person has shown any interest and I need to give an idea of numbers, and what do you think about being with the Motorcycles rather than the MVPS?   Is there any interest in the ride in, which may end with a drive on part of the circuit.

I need you response ASAP so I can get back to the organisers.

Please contact Malcolm at [email protected]