Your March Bulletin is On-Line Now!

Once again, the UK will be in the grip of severe winter weather and the nation will grind to a standstill under an inch or so of snow. Already, trains and planes are cancelled. So now’s the time to snuggle down and dig into the pages of of your very own Bulletin. If yours hasn’t dropped through the letterbox yet, you still have a personal copy on the website should you care to log in and click here. 

The March Bulletin

The latest Bulletin is on-line now and ready for you to read. The article on the nine Morgans which went to Australia after the war is continued. There’s an intriguing and good looking, but unsuccessful, four wheeler version among the photos.
 The cover photo features Chris Booth’s workshop bench. If only mine was as tidy!

We’d like to feature photos of Morgans in snow on the website but pictures are few and far between. If you have one to share, email it to To whet your appetite, here are a couple:

Left, Alan Turner’s J.A.P engined Sports Family. Right, Steve Uprichard’s MX2 Barrelback (photo taken in 1979)
Here’s Neil Kerr and Morgan in Witney, Oxfordshire, around 2010.
And featured on a Bulletin Cover