Worldwide Membership Map – 2018

The website team are pleased to announce that the 2018 Worldwide Membership Map is now available for you to view and search. We’ll update the map on a regular basis.

We created a map of the world, pinpointing where our members live and indicating which members have cars in the club’s Registry. We don’t use members’ full addresses and the little “placemarkers” indicate the approximate location. Members who have indicated they don’t want to appear on the map are obviously not included.

You can search on almost anything, Name, Town, County, Country. Simply click on the magnifying glass and type what you’re looking for. Any names which appear with a placemarker against them will be at the top of the “hit list” and they’re club members. Google Maps may also suggest other matches…. usually businesses.

If you’re a club member and registered on the website, you can find it under the “Members Area” tab.
Or, click here to take a look now.