Membership Secretary Turns to the Dark Side

Contrary to popular belief Darth Parkinson has a less evil side and sometimes takes a break from biting babies and wandering the streets screaming abuse at passers by.  For Christmas he bought Maria a rather fetching dark blue 5 speeder (or M3W as their trendy owners call them), and very nice it looks too.  For those who regard 5 speeders as the work of the devil this is probably an event that merits a week of official mourning but for those of us who aren’t luddites it is an event that probably inspires intense jealousy.  Sorry Maria – everyone now hates you but for different reasons!!!!

As well as being very comfortable it apparently goes like a bullet and stops just as well.  For her birthday in April she will be getting a Stage 3 Kit for it, which seems to be an upgrade that will allow her to show a clean back wheel to most of the competition out on the road.

We look forward to seeing Maria at future events behind the steering wheel as a hero in her own right rather than as a support act for Ian.