Dutch Sporting Event Changes

Zandvoort British Race Festival 31 August – Cancelled

Unfortunately due to the number of sidecars already entered and that there is some issue with the sponsor, (BMW) and the race itself is a BMW championship round, we will not be able to race. Machiel Kalf has tried very hard for some compromise but this has not worked. 

Alternative Event – Historic Zandvoort Trophy – May 11/12/13
Machiel has however sourced another event that may tickle your taste-buds!!  He has spoken with the chairman of the HARC and we have officially been invited to attend on the 12th/13th May to the Historic Zandvoort Trophy.  This event would normally cost 135 Euro’s a minute for the use of track time but we have been offered a massive discount of 60 Euro’s.
So! A quick calculation is;  15 min practice on Sat 12th, 15 min race on Sat 12th, 15 min race on Sun 13th would cost 10 entrants, 270 Euro’s. 15 would drop it to 180 etc.
Machiel has also indicated that Friday 11th is a special day and that you should be able to go on the track free for setting up your cars!! (we will get this confirmed)  Anyway, all this change means that if you are interested,  you need to let Tony Pearson know asap but by no later than the second week in February.  Email Tony at  compsec@mtwc.co.uk