VSCC Racing Driver of the Year 2017

Vintage Sports-Car Club – Racing Driver of the Year 2017

This year, the VSCC instituted a new award – “Racing Driver of the Year”. The winner was chosen by fellow competitors who know what racing is all about.

We are very proud to announce that the winner of the inaugural award is the Morgan Three Wheeler Club’s very own Sue Darbyshire. Husband George must be very proud and Sue would really struggle without his engineering expertise, help and encouragement!

What does Sue get? A tankard and a Porsche Driving Experience at Silverstone. Let’s hope she can cope with 4 wheels.

Sue’s had a rather mixed season this year. The blue racer was out of action for quite a few events but Sue continued to campaign the black road-going Super Aero to great effect.

Here’s a photo of Sue and her award: 

There’s more on the VSCC Website. 

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A note from Sue:

‘I am absolutely thrilled to receive this award from the VSCC, especially as it was voted by my fellow competitors. It has been a difficult season as we have had so many problems with the blue racer engine after the massive rebuild last winter, and the black car has stepped up beautifully every time we have needed it. However this award is also owed to my top team, husband George and Ewan Cameron who do everything they can to keep me running and competitive.’