Update on the Extraordinary General Meeting called for 26th November


Update on the Extraordinary General Meeting called for 26th November to vote on proposals for Day Membership.

Shortly before the AGM, it was realised that our practice of offering Day Membership to non-members for events like the Training Day is not endorsed by our Articles of Association. To avoid possible problems e.g. with our insurers, the Committee wish to put this right.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t publish the necessary Special Resolution in time for it to be voted on at the AGM.
A straw poll at the AGM indicated overwhelming support for the proposed change to our Articles. To avoid the need to wait until next year’s AGM, it was agreed that an Extraordinary General Meeting be held prior to the Committee meeting on 26th November to vote on this resolution.
Unfortunately, not everyone received notice of the meeting with the November Bulletin. Also, the text of the Special Resolution on both the notice and the form of proxy omitted a sentence read out at the AGM limiting the rights of Day Members to club benefits.
Corrected documents have not been sent due to cost and the difficulty of ensuring that they arrive 21 days before the meeting.
Therefore, the EGM on 26th November will be held and then adjourned until 18th February to ensure that: 

  • All members receive the notice via the January Bulletin.
  • All members can cast their votes either in person or by proxy on the correct wording.

Please accept the Committee’s apologies for the confusion. Please also pass on this information to any members you know who don’t use e-mail or the club website.
Adrian Murray-Leslie