23rd/24th September. Two great racing events at Cadwell and Prescott.

A super weekend of competition saw our club members at a double Cadwell weekend where the Challenge Series was decided as well as competing at VSCC Prescott Long Course on the Saturday. We’ve got words, photos and results from both meetings so choose which one you want to see first!

BHR Cadwell – 23rd/24th September
Challenge Series Final Rounds

The final two rounds of the 2017 Morgan Three Wheeler Club Challenge Series were contested at this super weekend of racing. A packed paddock and plenty of activity. Cars, drivers, passengers and racing numbers swapped all weekend, making it difficult to work out who was who!

Three 5 Speeders were competing against eight of the older cars in the Challenge Series races and the older cars were racing in the B3 events. A total of six races over the weekend for our cars with one or two minor mechanical mishaps.

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VSCC Prescott Long Course – 23rd September 2017

Although other clubs have used the long course for many years, this is relatively new to the VSCC. Since its introduction in 2014, the ‘Long Course’ Hill Climb at Prescott has proved a hugely popular addition and thus separates from the traditional weekend to become its own standalone event towards this year’s VSCC Speed Championship.

Two Morgans competed in racing classes.

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