MogMatch – Share/Loan/Buy/Sell a Morgan

A new service for Club Members.

Have you always wanted a Morgan but can’t find one that you can afford?

Have you got a Morgan that’s languishing in your garage that someone else could use?

Can you spare some time to help get a Morgan on the road?

“Yes!”……. Then MogMatch  is the place to be. MogMatch is a way of sharing your Morgan, loaning your Morgan, selling your Morgan, or finding the Morgan of your dreams.

Lots of younger members have the skills to rebuild, fettle or maintain a Morgan Three Wheeler. There are plenty of “projects” waiting for ageing members to complete, or even start. There are even “up and running” Morgans which don’t see the light of day very often. Many members have cars which are up and running and they can offer their skills to help someone else.

This new club initiative is designed to put folk in touch with each other and arrange a suitable deal.

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