Please Reset Your Password

When you went to Log in to the website you may have seen something like this:

Why? Our hosting company, Somerset Web Services, were made aware of a very, very, remote possibility of a “data leak” from the website. A problem was discovered in some of the software they use to enhance the performance of the site. The software is used on 5.5 million sites around the world and it’s possible that around 3,500 sites may have lost data. The leak has now been plugged.

Our site does not retain any confidential information about our members but there is the (extremely remote) possibility that your password may have leaked out. There is no evidence to suggest that this has happened. However, as a precaution, Somerset Web Services have reset all the passwords to default values and this means that you will need to reset yours in order to access Members Pages.

It’s all very simple. When you login with your old password you’ll get the message:

   | Invalid Login or Password

Click on theLost your password?link and you will be taken through the process to set up a new one. We always recommend that you select a unique password rather than have the same one for all your on-line accounts.

If you have any problems, just drop an email to and we’ll get you sorted.