The Albert Ball Memorial Blat – 7th May

Albert Ball 1 copy

On May 7th, 1917, Captain Albert Ball met his end following a dogfight with Lothar von Richthofen, brother of the famous Red Baron. An unlikely hero, Captain Ball was a modest man from Nottingham who rose to become one of Britain’s finest fighter aces. He was also one of the very first customers for Morgan’s Three Wheeler, a car he described as being “the closest thing to flying, without leaving the ground“.

Motorpunk Automative Adventures realised the significance of the date and organised a rendezvous “exclusively for Morgan Three Wheelers of course”. 

At least a dozen Three Wheelers made the trip:

Albert Ball line upclick on the photo for a closer look
Albert Ball sticker

“Entente cordiale” – or maybe “Entente bière” – in the Aero-Club at St. Omer.

2016 Albert Ball Blat

If you’re interested, you can read much more simply by clicking here

There’s a 13 minute video from 2013 covering a trip from Albert’s home town of Nottingham to Annœullin in a 5 Speeder. A great story and worth watching.

There’s another great video here too: